Why Take a Car for Regular Service?

Some car owners will push their vehicles for another hundred miles when due for service as they may be too busy or short on cash for regular service. Jim Dickenson doesn’t recommend that a vehicle remains overdue for service and it should be driven to an Ottawa repair shop of choice for an oil change. Regular services help preserve optimal levels of performance and extend the life of the car’s engine.

Here are the reasons why the vehicle should be brought in as soon as it is due for service.

  • Improve Safety

A vehicle must be serviced to ensure that it is safe to be driven. Regular oil change presents an opportunity for a mechanic to perform routine checks for underlying issues such as the braking system, air filters, tire pressure, and other mechanical parts that are critical when driving. When an issue is identified, it will be addressed accordingly depending on its severity. You are safe driving a regular car rather than courting potential danger by skipping service and continuing to drive the car.

  • Maintains the Value of the Car

Neglecting your car will bring about devaluation and poor resale value. A well-maintained car is noticeable from its aesthetics to its mechanical parts. For a trade-in when buying a new car, the vehicle will attract a higher market value if it is well maintained. Poorly maintained cars end up being sold as scrap.

  • Lower Running Costs

It saves a lot of money to have problems caught early and addressed in good time. Experienced car owners will honor car maintenance schedules without fail to avoid running down the vehicle saving them money, time and undue stress.

Jim Dickenson has experienced mechanics to handle regular car service and auto repair jobs in Ottawa. We always provide a thorough inspection of a vehicle so that car owners get back on the road confident in the performance of their vehicles.

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