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Automatic transmission fluid is checked while the vehicle is hot only and usually in park or idling but Honda and Chyrsler are exceptions. Many cars now do not even have a dipstick and require a proceedure to verify proper fluid level. That is why it is critical to have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis by a technician who can point out a simple thing like an axle shaft seal leak that will cost you thousands if left leaking allowing critical fluid levels to drop below the minimum permissible level.  There are no less than 20 synthetics blends of automatic transmission oil on the market today and adding the wrong one to your vehicle will cause transmission failure. 

Fluids and filters are typically changed at 80,000 km but sometimes are spaced every 24,000km. 

A simple test for a clutch is to release the clutch and observe the height of the floor when engagement occurs and the vehicle starts moving. When releasing your clutch vehicle movement should occur on inch off the floor. If your clutch engages when it is almost fully released it is almost worn. If it shudders or vibrates during 1st gear takeoff the pressure plate or flywheel have been overheated or damaged.

If you are having difficulty shifting gears a warped clutch disc or worn syncronizers inside the manual gear boot can be at fault. Sloppy shifting action making it difficult to shift gears can be a worn linkeage bushing system.

We install only brand new clutches made by leading oe manufacturers to ensure your clutch is repaired properly.

Call us or drop by to do a simple engagement check to see if your clutch is worn.  Do not wait to service your automatic transmission, fluid and filter.  The oil filter inside your transmission has  deposits of metal and fiber in it from vehicle breaking and requires replacement.  Check your manufacturer recommended service instructions and stick to them

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