commonPower windows/   Windshield wipers/ Windshield wipers inoperative/  Windshield washer/ Not stopping properly/  *Soft brake pedals/ Shocks seem-bouncy/  *Spongy brake pedal-Transmission slips/ Clutch slips/ Hard to steer-Has no power/ Transmission slips/ Hard to steer/ Car pulls to one side/ Has no power/ Hit a curb/ Stalls at red lights/ Car shakes at high speed/ Coolant level is low-Stalls at stop signs-Squeaking noise-*Check engine light is on!-Strange noise with engine running-cannot drive-Strange noise while driving-wheels make humming noise/ Something is leaking/ Noise when turning/ Fluid under car/ Rattle underneath car/my air conditioning isn’t cold enough/Tire repair/ Tire balance/ Tire plus/ Tire Installation and Balance/ We repair leaking brake lines; Repair leaking exhaust/ Noisy exhaust/ engine/ transmission / differential/power steering oil leaks brake fluid leaks/ Coolant leaks from radiator/ water pump / hoses or coolant tubes / Flat tire repairs/expert tire installation and balancing/  my alternator light is on, my car wont start, engine turns over / cranks  but wont start/ have no power/ the lights come on in the dash but the  car wont start/ my battery keeps going dead/my engine stopped while driving/ball joint install / ball joint replace / tie rod end / install shock absorber / control arm replacement.

Sound familiar?  For these and any other questionable problems please call 613 721 6244 for assistance.  Repairs can save you money!