Oil Change Ottawa

oilIt is a well known fact that your engine will last the lifetime of your vehicle if you change the oil on a regular basis. With variable valve timing incorporated into todays modern vehicles it is absolutely critical oil be changed at the recommended frequencies and the level is maintained at the full level at all times. Your engine’s oil acts as as a detergent suspending harmful dirt and acids from attacking friction surfaces while operating in a -25C to 120C environment. Eventually thermo-cycling breaks down your oil’s ability to lubricate internal engine components. If left too long sludge will form and internal passage ways will become varnished restricting oil flow. It is recommended that you change your oil every 5,000 km or every 3 months with conventional oils and every 10,000 km or every 6 months with synthetic oils.

Just give us a call at 613 721 6244 and we can set up an appointment to do it while you wait (approximately 1 hour) or better still simply drop off your vehicle at 8 a.m. and pick it up at 5 p.m. the same evening. We can send out reminder notices to keep you on a proper maintenance schedule and remember After 5 Oil Changes the 6th one is FREE!

Be sure to check your oil level once every 2 weeks and especially before long drives!


Choose from our Premium Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Packages

#1     Express Oil Change  with 54 point Inspection                                    $ 53.21 (most cars)
                                                             $ 82.86 value
includes up to 5 Litres of 5W20, 5W30 or 10W30 AGIP Semi-synthetic
Set Tire Pressures, Check fluid levels
$1.00 Disposal fee
Note: 54 Point Inspection can be purchased separately for $ 39.54
Brake inspection can be purchased for an additional $ 46.89
Add a front end inspection for $ 46.89

#2    Deluxe Oil Change & Lubrication with 90 Point Inspection                      $ 72.98 (most cars)
                                                             $ 101.81 value
includes up to 5 Litres of 5W20, 5W30 or 10W30 AGIP Semi-synthetic
Set Tire Pressures & Service Wiper Blades,
Check & analyze all accessible fluids
$1.00 Disposal fee
Note: 90 Point Inspection can be purchased separately for $ 56.89

#3    Deluxe Oil Change   with Brake Inspection                                   $ 121.03 (most cars)
                                                                        $ 158.70 value
Includes services of our #1 Deluxe Oil Change & Lube
Plus complete Brake Inspection with Road Test & Tire Rotation
(Ensure your vehicle is Safe!)
Note: Brake Inspection can be purchased Separately for $ 56.89
Add a front end inspection for $ 56.89

#4    Deluxe Oil Change with 400 Point Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection                    $ 192.73 (most cars)
       $ 235.27 value      (Our most thorough inspection)  
Includes all of the above
Plus 400 Point Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection with Written Report
    (Protect your investment and ensure that your vehicle will be reliable and safe.) 
This annual Inspection determines any Maintenance or Safety Requirements for your vehicle.  This is an excellent Pre-Warranty expiration inspection.

Synthetic Oil can be purchased with any of the above packages for an additional $35-$55

Note: Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection can be purchased separately for $ 159.73
Discounts apply to Winterwize, Summerwize & Scan tool Analysis when combined with Oil Change Packages