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Common Problems

Power windows

Windshield wipers

Windshield Windshield wipers inoperative

Windshield washer

Not stopping properly

*Soft brake pedals

Shocks seem-bouncy

*Spongy brake pedal-Transmission slips

Clutch slips

Hard to steer-Has no power

Hard to steer

Car pulls to one side

Has no power

Hit a curb

Stalls at red lights

Car shakes at high speed

Coolant level is low-Stalls at stop signs

Squeaking noise-*Check engine light is on!

Strange noise with engine running-cannot

Drive-Strange noise while driving-wheels make

Dumming noise

Something is leaking

Noise when turning

Fluid under car

Rattle underneath car

My air conditioning isn’t cold enough

Tire balance

Tire plus

Tire Installation and Balance

We repair leaking brake lines; Repair leaking


Noisy exhaust




Power steering oil leaks brake fluid leaks

Coolant leaks from radiator

Water pump

Woses or coolant tubes

Flat tire repairs

Expert tire installation and balancing

My alternator light is on, my car wont start,

Engine turns over

Cranks but wont start

Have no power

The lights come on in the dash but the car wont

Start/ my battery keeps going dead

My engine stopped while driving

Ball joint install

Ball joint replace

Tie rod end

Install shock absorber

Control arm replacement.

Sound familiar?

For these and any other questionable problems  for assistance.  Repairs can save you money!