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Electrical Repair Ottawa

Electrical Repairs

Looking for an electrical repair in Ottawa? Diagnosing and fixing issues within electrical components necessitates state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and the hands of an experienced technician. The electrical system is an essential element of a vehicle, supplying power to crucial parts such as the alternator, battery, and starter. Each car’s electrical framework has unique characteristics influenced by age, make, and model. Newer models often have intricate computer systems interconnecting with numerous vehicle functions, from sensors and brakes to steering and beyond. At Jim Dickinson Auto Tech, we offer the most reliable electrical repairs residents can count on, ensuring your vehicle’s electrical system functions optimally, regardless of age or complexity.

We can diagnose and provide electrical repair in Ottawa for the following accessories and their connections wiring harnesses and relays

Power windows

Power door locks and trunk release

Power Mirrors

Windshield wipers and washers

Rear window defogger

Radiator fan

Heater fan/blower motor

Condenser fan

Air conditioning control circuits

Tire pressure monitoring system

Anti-lock brake system

Charging system and starting system wiring

Alternators / Starters

Fuel gauge


Headlights, park and tail lights, turn signals, brake lights and reverse lights