Enjoy Quick and Professional Auto Repair Services

Enjoy Quick and Professional Auto Repair Services

Owning a vehicle will bring with it the inevitable need for repair and maintenance needs at one point or another. Find reliable auto repair services in Ottawa to get your vehicle back into roadworthy condition. You should only work with the best auto maintenance and repair services to perform checks and auto inspection to ensure that your vehicle is running properly and that it has a longer lifespan.

Jim Dickenson is a reputable car repair service in Ottawa offering services such as brake repair, cooling, and heating services, exhaust system, battery service, transmission service, and many other auto repair services. Our technicians are well trained and highly experienced implying that get professional repair and maintenance services that put your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Are you aware of the important roles that the car battery plays? You may find yourself stranded on the road far away from home if you do not have the right vehicle battery or have neglected to replace the battery as required. A dead car battery can wreak havoc to all your plans and will have cost implications in terms of time and money.

Reputable Ottawa auto repair services will provide battery check-up services using the latest diagnostic equipment. Our services will exactly point to any problems with your vehicle battery and our technicians will recommend the best possible solution for the problem with your car battery.

A malfunctioning heating and cooling system in your vehicle can be a huge problem both in the cooler months and hotter months. Ensuring that the heating and cooling system is functional will provide a pleasant driving experience both when on a short commute and when traveling over long distances the entire day. The heating and cooling unit are also responsible for the smooth running of the car engine and the transmission. Do not hesitate to have your vehicle’s system checked and repaired appropriately so that you can efficiently and safely drive your car in all types of weather.

Your car’s braking system plays a very critical role in the safe operation of the vehicle. Immediately take your vehicle for a checkup if you take note of a strange smell emanating from the tires, strange noises from the car brakes, and if the brakes are not working properly. Find and work with a car repair shop that is conveniently located near you to ensure that you have easy access whenever you need your braking system checked and repaired.

The car exhaust system is often neglected with numerous auto repair centers focusing on systems such as the tires, engine, and brakes. The exhaust system has a very big role in the performance of your vehicle. A broken exhaust system will negatively impact your engine and will also expose you and other people to harmful gases. Get the exhaust system checked regularly to guarantee the smooth and efficient running of your car.

Call Jim Dickenson today to schedule a time slot for vehicle inspection and get reliable auto repair services in Ottawa. Avoid wasting time if you suspect that you have a problem with your vehicle, we have profession car repair technicians who will quickly diagnose and effectively fix your car problems.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Car Problems

Helpful Tips to Avoid Car Problems

The electrical system of your car may pose the greatest challenge to the car owner. The modern electrical systems utilize greater levels of technology and are more complex compared to the electrical systems of 20 to 30 years ago. Modern electrical repairs require more sophisticated equipment.

Variations in voltage are the cause of many car problems that are associated with day to day drivability. The incorporation of computerized controls has been linked to altered controls even with the smallest changes in voltage.

The most notable problems that necessitate auto repair of electrical systems at Jim Dickenson are loose or poor electrical connections, the buildup of corrosion at battery points, and blown electrical fuses.

Jim Dickenson in Ottawa performs thorough tests that involve much more than connecting a voltmeter to the battery. Most car owners who prefer the DIY option may not have the necessary equipment to get the electrical system back to working condition. Work with an experienced auto-electrical technician with the specific make and model of your car to accurately make a diagnosis of the problem.

The following tips will prove helpful in extending the life of the electrical system in your car.

  • Always keep the battery and its connections clean to prevent clogging the cover vents and overloading the starter. Clean connections allow for the ventilation and effective exhaustion of dangerous and explosive gases from the battery.
  • Replace your old battery with a new one that has similar or higher CCA (cold cranking amps) rating to ensure that it is compatible with the battery tray and cable connections.
  • Different cars have different electrical systems and it is crucial that you check the voltage utilized to run the system before jump-starting it with another running car. A 14.5-volt running system will cause serious damage to a 12.6-volt electrical system by causing an overvoltage.
  • To ease the load on your battery or starter, always start the car with all major electrical units such as the stereo or A/C switched off.

Ensure that the electrical system is thoroughly checked and tested every two years or when it breaks down to keep it in good working condition.

Find Car Repair Services for Winter Holiday Travel

Find Car Repair Services for Winter Holiday Travel

Winter holiday travel planning begins early with many people doing it in autumn as they approach winter. The most common choice for people is driving to winter holiday destinations. However, people are unprepared for the toll winter driving can take on their cars.

Your car should be given a serious check before embarking on a road trip during winter. Failure to perform car repair service will call for trouble during the winter road trip. Always have a mechanic perform checks on your care even when you think there is nothing wrong with the car since they can reveal small issues that can be addressed before they turn into large and expensive problems.

A professional mechanic will do more than just the simple oil change and routine check of your tires. They perform other checks that will help keep you on the road rather than by the roadside. The additional checks include the balance and rotation of your tires, a check of all filters, and a check of all fluid levels to ensure safe and efficient performance of your vehicle. Fuel efficiency can be improved through a simple check of air pressure in your tires. Other checks include that the wiper blades are working effectively and all lights are illuminating properly.

We’re unlike other mechanics in Ottawa who consider it a separate service will check your brake system. Before commencing winter travel, ensure that the brakes are checked and confirmed to be working properly. Winter conditions such as high winds, ice, rain, and snow make driving a risky affair. Your tires and brakes act as the first line of defense against automobile accidents.

The radiator should be checked to ensure it is functioning properly ready for holiday traffic which can cause overheating. Ensure that the heater and air conditioning before traveling to remain comfortable in both mild and colder climate.

To get better performance out of your vehicle during your holiday travels, get a tune-up that will check if the intake valves and spark plugs are performing effectively and efficiently. The tune-up can help save some money at the gas pump.

Has the battery checked so that changes in temperature do not leave you with a stalled car that won’t start or run? You can escape trouble during inclement weather by getting a new battery. Consider having the fuses in the car checked to have everything working as it should.

We’ll perform all these checks and compile a list of findings that will let you know what needs to be repaired and an estimate of costs. There will be minor issues that can be overlooked on the short-term without implications on your safety.

A thorough checkup from your mechanic is a precautionary step before traveling for the holidays for safe and trouble-free journeys. Work with Jim Dickenson in Ottawa to have your vehicle ready for the winter holidays.